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SofTA® 2300 ELS Detector

UPLC performance with a compact design

SofTA 2300 is designed for use with Rapid Resolution and Ultra
Performance LC Sytems (UPLC). This instrument is a fast ELS
Detectors with peak widths less than 1 second. The narrow peak
widths provide an extremely high sample throughput that is
required in todays laboratories. Narrow peaks also result in
improved signal to noise ratios, making these detectors about two
times more sensitive than other models.
This detector also features dual gas operation, low-cost nitrogen is
used as the nbulization and carrier gas for non-volatile and high to
moderately low consumption of semi-volatile analytes. Substituting
Helium provides maximum low-nangram sensitivity for compounds
with signicant volatility by allowing ambient evaporation of the
mobile phase.


Standard Features

  • Rely on outstanding semi-volatile-detection at ambient temperatures using pateneted Thermo-Split™
  • Technology and dual gas option
  • Attain stable baseline and reponse consistency accross gradients without gas optimization
  • Achieve the narrowest peak widths of any ELS detector to meet the speed requirements of UPLC