Chromatografy Flash serii CombiFlash Rf - CombiFlash Rf+

Teledyne ISCO

CombiFlash® Rf+

RFID method automation, more fractions, larger screen, higher pressure – all in a smaller package.

The CombiFlash® Rf+ improves your productivity whether you purify synthetic compounds, natural products, peptides, or polymers. With operating pressures up to 200 psi (13.8 bar) the CombiFlash Rf+ is compatible with both normal and reversed phase purification conditions.

The TLC to Gradient calculator automatically determines optimal separation parameters while minimizing run time.

There is no need to wait to access data - built in networking allows you to connect to the CombiFlash® Rf+ to monitor and remotely control your experiment, analyze data, and print to network printers.

View UV spectra in real time - during peak elution. Review the spectra to confirm that the system is monitoring the correct wavelength. Interactive screen lets you change parameters instantly during the run if another wavelength would be more appropriate.

Rapid column air purge prevents solvent from being discarded with the used column. It is better for the environment, safer in the lab, and eliminates messy column removal.

Easy scale-up with built-in method-scaling means you won't need to re-develop your method. You save time when you increase reaction size. You can even scale up to a 3 kg column run on a CombiFlash Torrent.

Standard Features

  • One simple push of a button and your purification is underway.
  • UV Spectra display in real time and post run.
  • Compact design saves valuable bench or hood space.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology automates setting the parameters for purification runs and fraction collection.
  • Built-in solvent and waste management prevents columns from drying, and messy waste overfills.
  • Large 10.4" (26.4cm) touch screen provides a simple to use and informative user interface through our intuitive PeakTrak software.


  • Organic synthesis purification
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Peptides and polymers

Options and Accessories

  • 13 x 100 mm tube racks, qty 2 (108 tubes/rack)
  • 16 x 125 mm tube racks, qty 2 (75 tubes/rack)
  • 16 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (75 tubes/rack)
  • 18 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (70 tubes/rack)
  • 18 x 180 mm tube racks, qty 2 (70 tubes/rack)
  • 25 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (30 tubes/rack)
  • 480 mL French square bottle, qty 1 rack for 12 bottles
  • 20 mL (28 x 61 mm) scintillation vial tube racks, qty 2 (27 vials/rack)
  • 40 mL (28 x 95 mm) scintillation vial tube racks, qty 2 (30 vials/rack)
  • Adjustable Solid Load Cartridge Caps (SLCC), 5 gram, 25 gram, and 65 gram
  • RediSep Rf prepacked columns
  • Sample load prepacked, silica gel cartridges
  • Sample load, empty cartridges