Chromatografy Flash serii CombiFlash Rf - CombiFlash Rf+ Lumen

Teledyne ISCO

CombiFlash® Rf+ Lumen™

The smallest Flash system with integrated UV, UV-Vis and ELS detection

The CombiFlash Rf+ Lumen system enhances detection capabilities with an integrated evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD). In addition to UV or UV-Vis detection for absorbing compounds, the ELSD detects compounds with little or no chromophores such as carbohydrates, steroids, and lipids. The integrated ELSD conserves valuable bench space.

Large fraction capacity allows longer runs without changing racks. You don't need to divert time from other activities to watch your purification.
An automated injection valve lets you load samples and walk away - and it's self-cleaning to wash away materials that can contaminate the next run.

Whether you separate synthetic compounds, natural products, peptides, polymers, or other chemical separations; the CombiFlash Rf+ Lumen improves your compound's detectability.

The ELSD withdraws a miniscule portion of the liquid eluting from the chromatographic column into the detector module. This fluid is then nebulized using a stream of inert gas. This mixture forms an aerosol cloud of solvent droplets containing your compound. The aerosol cloud is then evaporated, leaving micro-particles of dried compound.

The gas stream carries these micro-particles to the detector where a laser light illuminates the gas stream. When compound is present, the particles cause the laser light to scatter, indicating its presence and creating a detector signal. This signal triggers the fraction collector to collect your compound.

Standard Features

  • Space saving design is smaller than other flash chromatography systems on the market, freeing scarce hood space for other uses.
  • Solvent and waste management prevents columns from drying and waste containers from hazardous overflows.
  • Large touch screen 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) puts the most used controls on a single, easy to read display.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identifies columns and loads the appropriate method for the best separation. With reusable bonded-phase columns, the system tracks the number of runs on the column as well as the last solvent used, so you know whether you need to flush the column.
  • RFID identification of fraction collection racks sets the maximum fraction size to prevent overflows.
  • No waiting to access data - networking allows lets you connect to the CombiFlash® Rf 200 to monitor and remotely control your experiment, analyze data, and print to network printers.
  • Rapid column air purge prevents solvent from being discarded with the used column. It is better for the environment, safer in the lab, and eliminates messy column removal.
  • TLC Rf to Gradient calculator determines optimal separation parameters while minimizing run time.
  • Easy scale-up with built-in method-scaling means you won’t need to re-develop your method. You save time when you increase reaction size. You can even scale up to a 3 kg column run on a CombiFlash Torrent.
  • Back pressures to 200 psi for improved separations.
  • May be ordered in either variable UV 200 - 400 nm, or variable UV-Vis 200 - 800 nm configurations


  • Organic synthesis purification
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Peptides and polymers

Options and Accessories

  • 13 x 100 mm tube racks, qty 2 (108 tubes/rack)
  • 16 x 125 mm tube racks, qty 2 (75 tubes/rack)
  • 16 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (75 tubes/rack)
  • 18 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (70 tubes/rack)
  • 18 x 180 mm tube racks, qty 2 (70 tubes/rack)
  • 25 x 150 mm tube racks, qty 2 (30 tubes/rack)
  • 480 mL French square bottle, qty 1 rack for 12 bottles
  • 20 mL (28 x 61 mm) scintillation vial tube racks, qty 2 (27 vials/rack)
  • 40 mL (28 x 95 mm) scintillation vial tube racks, qty 2 (30 vials/rack)
  • Adjustable Solid Load Cartridge Caps (SLCC), 5 gram, 25 gram, and 65 gram
  • RediSep Rf and RediSep Rf Gold prepacked columns
  • Sample load prepacked, silica gel cartridges
  • Sample load, empty cartridges