Chromatograf Flash serii CombiFlash EZPrep

Teledyne ISCO

 CombiFlash® EZ Prep

Streamline Flash and Preparative HPLC chromatography with a compact, easy-to-operate unit

The CombiFlash EZ Prep streamlines the purification process, quickly switching from Flash to high-pressure preparative chomatography in just two clicks. Pre-purify on Flash followed by Prep for submission quality compounds.

User-friendly PeakTrak® software controls both Flash and Prep HPLC chromatographic conditions. Additionally, PeakTrak integrates all detector options, including the CombiFlash PurIon mass spectrometer for single point control.

Standard Features

  • Up to 3500 psi (240 bar) and 200 mL/min
  • Run Prep HPLC columns up to 50 mm in diameter (including 5 µm particle diameter)
  • Flash purification for 10 milligram to 33 grams followed by final compound purification on high performance columns
  • UV, UV-Vis, ELSD and MS detection options available
  • Switch between normal and reverse phase solvents
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